Welcome to Emmanuel’s Hammer

Emmanuel’s Hammer works with community service organizations, churches, and government agencies to identify homeowners who have experienced a home disaster or who are facing a critical situation that affects the safety, sanitation, or security of their home. We then lock arms with that family to conduct the needs assessment, fund raising, mission team recruitment, materials procurement and project management of their rebuild.


How You Can Help

Originally started as a ministry providing disaster relief to the hurricane-ravaged Bahama Islands in 2004, Emmanuel’s Hammer now serves families located in the Southeast, especially in South Carolina. Are you ready to take the next step in helping us restore hope for families who need it the most? You can support us by giving of your time, talents and financial contributions.


“To exhibit the love of Christ and to restore hope to those who are in need of safe, sanitary and secure homes.” 


Sharing the love of Christ by rebuilding homes and lives.


Emmanuel’s Hammer is an inter-denominational, faith-based organization dedicated to sharing the love of Christ by rebuilding homes and lives.


We believe that helping others, expecting nothing in return, is the highest form of exhibiting the grace and love of Christ. Click below to view our set of beliefs.


We’re here to restore hope and rebuild lives for families throughout the Southeast. Please tell us more about your needs so we can get the conversation started.

Changing Lives. One Family at a Time.

Each project has its own unique challenges, whether it’s a leaking roof, structural damage, plumbing problems, electrical hazards or other issues. However, all of our projects have one thing in common: God is at work through the hands and feet of our volunteers.

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