We are planning on making Christmas much brighter for Mrs. Pilgram and her daughter. Within the past year, she has had to deal with the death of her husband and one of her daughters.  She has had five back surgeries and is diabatic.  Her remaining daughter, who lives with her, has had two strokes leaving her with limited use of her right hand and leg and has had triple by-pass surgery.

Their home needs many repairs.  The roof had multiple leaks, creating fallen ceilings and weak spots on the floors.  Due to their health issues, they need the tub replaced with a walk-in shower with a chair and grab bars.  The weak floors and ceilings will be repaired, carpet ripped up and LVP installed.

We have replaced the roof allowing us to make the above repairs next week….just in time for Christmas.  These ladies have had a tough time and need all of the help that they can get.

The total budget for the repairs is $5,700.00.  We need your help to make these quality-of-life repairs for Mrs. P and her daughter.

Please click on the DONATE button if you can help.  Any amount will be much appreciated.  Thank you!!


January 4, 2024

Our goal to make Christmas much brighter for Mrs. Pilgrim and her daughter was a smashing success……literally!!

We began work the week before Christmas by demolishing her main bathroom down to the floor joists and installing a new floor, walk-in shower, vanity and toilet.  During the process we discovered the unpleasant fact that the main sewer line was broken allowing raw sewage to accumulate under the house.  Obviously, we repaired that plumbing for which Daniel received hazardous duty pay!  The second bathroom was being used for storage, so we expanded our scope to include a total remodel on it.  Now Mrs. P and her daughter have their own bathrooms with a walk-in shower.  This week we completed the project by repairing the ceilings and weak floors in the living room and main bedroom.

This was a huge job made possible by many donors and volunteers, whom we greatly appreciate.  There is a special kind of hug that we get when we complete one of these projects and the homeowner realizes how much their lives have changed.  To God goes the Glory!



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