Operation Tristan

About Us

Emmanuel’s Hammer works with community service organizations, churches, and government agencies to identify homeowners who have experienced a home disaster or who are facing a critical situation that affects the safety, sanitation, or security of their home.

We provide critical repairs – or for houses beyond repair, complete rebuilds. The homes we work on might have inadequate sanitation, structural hazards, lack of water, lack of heating, inappropriate ventilation, the presence of insects or vermin, faulty weather protection, or fire hazards. And, unfortunately, the homeowners we work with are unable to pay for the needed repairs themselves. All of our services are provided at no charge.

Once Emmanuel’s Hammer learns of a homeowner in need, we try to learn all we can about the prospective client through interviews, assessments, and a physical inspection of the home. Critical to this evaluation process is determining the homeowner’s willingness to assist in the reconstruction of their home, as well as their lives, including their financial, physical, and spiritual needs.

Then we develop a coordinated, holistic plan to put them in a safe, sanitary, and secure home. This is important because our clients usually don’t just have problems with their housing. They have complex problems that are inherent to poverty. They need more than piecemeal solutions.

Our goal is not to simply provide decent homes to those in need, but to develop sustainable solutions for our clients. We succeed when we help our clients acquire the resources, knowledge, and experience they’ll need to continue to help themselves and maintain their newly-rehabilitated homes over the long term.

By creatively meeting the needs of our homeowners and their families, we build trust, which is the doorway to hope and transformation.

Our Story

Emmanuel’s Hammer began in 2004 as the Missionary Supply Network (MSN), an inter-denominational, 501(c)(3), faith-based disaster relief organization.

Our roots stem from providing disaster relief to people living in the Bahamas shortly after hurricanes Frances and Jeanne struck in the fall of 2004. MSN responded immediately by organizing and then leading short-term mission teams to Eleuthera and Grand Bahama Island where we worked with local missionaries to source, procure, and deliver building supplies needed for rebuilding efforts.

Then, on the morning of August 29, 2005, began the worst natural disaster in the history of the U.S. Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast devastating the coast of Mississippi and flooding New Orleans. Only seven weeks after the storm, MSN organized and led its first rebuild team to Pass Christian, Mississippi, where the devastation was unimaginable. Of the approximately 8,000 homes in Pass Christian, all but 500 were damaged or destroyed. Years later, we began our first project in South Carolina.