Please meet the Taylor family:  Grandma, Grandpa and 5 grandchildren all under the age of seven.  The Grandfather has stage 4 lung cancer.

Thanks to Memorial UMC and many donors, we have now completed the Taylor home repairs:

Repaired the roof, the floor, walls and ceiling of the existing 10 x 10 bedroom for one of the grandsons.  Built a wall between the living room and kitchen so the Grandparents could have a bedroom.  Closed in the 14′ x 8′ covered porch for more living space.  New plumbing, drains, cabinets, shelves, countertops and stove in their previously non-functioning kitchen.  Replaced 8 windows and reframing the openings. Replaced the back door and installed a handrail.  Cleaned up the yard, trees and bushes.

Needless to say, their living conditions have improved dramatically, however, the family will need continuing help.



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