“I’m so happy, I’m so happy!”  This was the refrain of Mrs. Holbrook as we were finishing up repairs to her singlewide mobile home.  She lives alone but takes care of her grandchildren on a regular basis.  Since her husband died several years ago, she has not had the income or expertise to maintain her home.

She has spinal stenosis and arthritis which led to having both knees replaced and requires her to sit on a walker to navigate through her home.  Unfortunately, there were areas that she could not go due to the danger of falling through her floors.  The home was unsafe for her and her grandchildren.  She is a strong Christian lady who really needed help.

Thanks to the volunteers of Zion UMC & Buncombe Street UMC, we were able to make a significant difference in her life.  We replaced subflooring and floor coverings in 2 bedrooms, both bathrooms, the hall, living room and kitchen.  We replaced the lower cabinets, countertops and sink in the kitchen.  Both bathrooms were totally remodeled with a new tub, walk-in shower, toilets and vanities.  Major repairs were made to the back wall in the living room & kitchen.  Eight windows were replaced as well as several electrical repairs.  In addition, a new roof and underpinning were contracted out.

Since she has always been a giver, it was somewhat uncomfortable for her to accept the grace being poured out to her in such a dramatic way.  It was gratifying to hear her say…..”I am in a good place in my life now.”  Thanks be to God!!



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