Meet Ms. Vivian Westfield.  She lives in Greenville, SC in a small two bedroom, one bath home with three of her grandchildren existing on her very limited income.  We have already provided her with a queen mattress and a couch.  She still needs a queen box springs, coffee table, end tables, tall dresser and an entertainment center.

They are all currently attempting to sleep in one bed!  They are heating with electric space heaters which is dangerous.  All the windows are in terrible shape and need replacing.  Her tub/shower doesn’t work well.  There are some electrical issues in the home as well.

We will be installing a mini-split system to  heat and cool the home.  We will replace all of the windows and install four ceiling fans  to enhance energy efficiency.  We will also make repairs to the bathroom, repair her kitchen cabinets and address the electrical issues in the home.

The budget for this project is $4,200.00.  Please help us help Ms. Westfield get into her own bed and sleep soundly at night knowing that her home is a safe, sanitary and secure environment for her grandkids by clicking the MAKE A DONATION button.  Thank you for your contribution.

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April 2, 2019

We literally blitzed Ms. Westfield’s home last week with great help primarily from Buncombe Street UMC and Etowah UMC.  In two days we installed a mini-split system to heat and cool the home.  We replaced all of the windows and installed three ceiling fans to enhance energy efficiency.  We also repaired her kitchen cabinets and addressed the electrical issues.

Tomorrow we will make repairs in the bathroom, including repairing her plumbing problems and replace an exterior door to complete the project.

We were able to secure a chest of drawers, coffee table and entertainment center.  She still needs a twin mattress and box springs and end tables.  Please let us know if you have those items to donate.

Ms. Westfield is so excited that she no longer has to sleep with the grandkids and that her grandson will have his own room separate from the two granddaughters.  She is especially thrilled that she will no longer have $300.00 per month power bills.

“I thank God that He sent you folks to help me and my grandkids!”      -Ms. Westfield




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