Continuing our Veterans Month theme, the Lord led us to the case of Mrs. Poston.  She lives in a mill house in Greenville, S C.  Her husband was a Vietnam Army Vet who passed away last year from cancer due to complications from Agent Orange exposure.  She is left with her daughter and two grandsons who live with her.  One grandson has down syndrome and the other severe ADHD.  Ms. Poston works part-time with a limited income.

Due to her husband’s extended illness, they were unable to maintain their home.  As a result, there are numerous problems that need to be addressed.  The  plumbing is in bad shape.  Both bathrooms need to be totally remodeled by replacing everything including the floors as they are not functional at this  point.  The floors in the back entry way are soft and need to be replaced as well as the ceiling that is falling down.  Her kitchen sink plumbing leaks into the wall so it will need to be replaced when we install new lower cabinets, countertops and sink.  Floor coverings in the majority of the house needed to be replaced.

To date we have completed Phase 1 of the project.  Thanks to the volunteers from Azalea Capital we have replaced the floor coverings with Luxury Vinyl Tile.  In addition, the kitchen sink plumbing has been repaired and the back bathroom has been gutted and remodeled, replacing the tub with a walk-in shower.

Next week we will remodel the main bathroom and install new kitchen cabinets, countertops, and sink.



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