Mr. O’Connor , a 58 year old Army Veteran, has had three brain tumors with the cancer spreading throughout his body.  He is confined to a hospital bed in the living room which is the only room large enough to accommodate his bed.  The family put plywood down in order to keep the bed from falling through the floor.  This was an urgent call so we reacted right away.

On demo day, or as we like to call it…..Discovery Day, it was determined that the floor was falling in due to extensive termite damage.  Basically, the only thing holding the floor up at all was the hardwoods.  This led to tearing out the floor, fixing the joists, repairing framing under the window, installing subflooring and LVT.  Mr. Connor’s wife and their 3, 6, & 11 year old grandchildren that they have custody of, are now safe to use the room without fear of falling through the floor.  Please pray for this family.

Due to your support and the Lord’s leading, we are able to help this family and others who need it so badly.  Thank you!



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