Mrs. Parker is a 75 year young widow living in an older mobile home in Anderson, SC.  She suffers from asthma, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis.  She has difficulty walking and is scheduled for knee replacement surgery.

As with mobile homes of this age, the roof leaks in several places which is damaging the ceilings and walls.  The bathtub faucet does not work properly and the shower surround walls are coming apart.  The back door needs replacing and the electrical needs repair throughout the home.  Finally, she is in need of a wheelchair ramp on the front of the home. Once we have patched and sealed the roof, we will address the other issues in the home.

Our budget is $1,700.00 for this job.  We will kick this project off on May 21-23. If you are unable to physically help this sweet lady so that she no longer has to worry about her home falling in around her, please consider helping us financially by clicking the MAKE A DONATION button.  Thank you for your consideration.


May 30, 2019

“I am so thankful and grateful for Emmanuel’s Hammer and for all they have done for me.  They are a blessing and a gift from God.  They have God in their lives and love in their hearts.  May God bless you always.  Love and thanks.”  – Carol Parker

This is Ms. Parker’s thank you note after we repaired her roof, ceiling, walls, bathroom, back door, kitchen sink, counter top, and electrical throughout.  She is very excited about her new kitchen sink and faucet since it has a sprayer, something she has never had before.



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