Project McDowell

Meet Mary McDowell (65), her mother (87), and their three adopted boys (9, 5, &3).  They live in a one story home with a walk-out basement in Greenville, SC.  Ms. McDowell has a passion for children as evidenced by the fact that she has previously raised twelve adopted children, two of which (20 & 21) have recently moved back home.  She has diabetes, high blood pressure and suffered a heart attack in 2015.  Due to these health issues and limited income, she has not been able to maintain her home.

Normally, the home would have plenty of room for them except that over the years several different sources of leaks have made the basement uninhabitable due to mold.  All seven are living in the two bedrooms upstairs. Due to the mold and small children, we feel like there is an urgent need to help them by fixing the leaks, mucking out, drying out, rebuilding and finishing the basement. This will free them from mold and give them three more bedrooms and a bathroom downstairs.  The muck out is complete and a French drain has been installed across the front of the home thanks to First Presbyterian of Anderson.

The budget for the rebuild is $5,000.00.  Will you help us help this sweet family?  If so, please click the green  “Make a Donation”  button.  Any amount will be a big help.  Thank you very much.



August 28, 2018

We are moving along with the McDowell Project at 102 Coolbrook Dr., Greenville, SC.  This week we have treated for mold and pressure washed the basement walls.  We anticipate that everything will be dried out over the weekend allowing us to begin rebuild next week.

To date, we have received $1,800.00 toward or budget need of $5,000.00.  Will you help us provide for this sweet family?  If so, please click the green button below to MAKE A DONATION.  Any amount will be a great help!

Project McDowell
September 20, 2018

Most of the sheetrock is hung and in the process of being mudded and taped.  Gutters have been installed across the front of the house.  This, along with the French drain installed earlier, should keep the basement nice and dry.  Also, the bathroom has been reconstructed and plumbed.  The new tub and shower unit is in place.

Thanks to a number of generous individuals, we  have exceeded our goal of $5,000.00.  Soon Ms. Mary’s adopted children will have their very own clean, dry, mold-free bedroom, bath and living room.  Stay turned for future work dates as we sprint toward the finish line on this  project.  God is good…….all the time!!

October 26, 2018

This was a tough one! It is a reminder of the huge jobs ahead of all the recent victims of hurricane flooding; having to muck out, remove sheet rock, fix leaks, kill mold, and then rebuild.

Thank the Lord, Ms. Mary, her Mother, three adopted sons and several previously adopted children have three additional bedrooms, a new bathroom, and a living room where they can spread out. This will certainly relieve some of the stress that caused Ms. Mary to have a heart attack in 2015.

We would certainly like to thank all of the individuals that contributed the funds and the volunteers from Buncombe Street United Methodist Church, Zion UMC, and First Presbyterian of Anderson who gave many hours of time and talents to this worthy project. Ms. Mary correctly characterized them as “Angels from God” who came to help her.

We are in the process of furnishing the new space.  We have received several items but still need a couple of beds, mattresses, and a chest of drawers.  Please let us know if you, or someone that you know, has these items to donate.



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