Operation Gretta

Meet Ms. Argretta (Gretta) Dotson, left, and her daughter Kisha, right. They are standing in front of Ms. Gretta’s mother’s doublewide mobile home which was recently moved to a mobile home community west of Greenville. The home was located on property that her mother’s estate sold several years ago where it suffered much damage as a result of the landowner using it as a rental.

Gretta is a strong Christian widow, who in addition to raising her own children, has the wonderful reputation of caring for children who have the misfortune of being born into dangerous unhealthy situations. She has raised several and is currently the ward for four children, one who’s parents are deceased and the other three born to drug addicted single mothers.

Gretta and children currently live with Kisha who will be moving to a much smaller place on June 1. The moving of the home was in response to the need for more space. She has paid to have the home moved and underpinned. A relative has painted the interior. Unfortunately, due to her limited income of less than $1000 per month she does not have the resources to be able to do the remaining improvements before the June 1 deadline.

We have decided to step in and give her a helping hand. The major items to be addressed in the next four weeks are: replace the plumbing; replace the heating and air; troubleshoot and repair the electrical; add a back deck, stoop and front porch railing per code; replace floor coverings and replace broken windows.


June 2016

Thank goodness for deadlines! As you know, we had a deadline to remodel Ms. Gretta’s home so she could move in by June 1. Through God all things are possible, right? Yes, this past week we installed floor coverings and trim in three bedrooms, completed the HVAC, obtained the final inspection, got the electrical service run and meter installed. Gretta was able to move in over the weekend! In addition, we along with family and friends donated enough furniture and appliances to fully furnish the home! What an awesome God we serve! Gretta and kids are absolutely thrilled. Many thanks to all of you who made this possible through your prayers, time, talents and resources.

June 2016 (continued)

In the past two weeks we have made great progress on the improvements to Ms. Gretta’s home. The team has worked hard to construct the deck, stoop and front porch rails. We have replaced the broken windows, repaired rotten flooring around the sliding glass door and installed vinyl flooring in the kitchen, den and living room after much cleaning and prep work. Also, all the plumbing has been replaced. Thank you Lou Hall!

Next week the HVAC will be replaced, which is the only remaining item to allow us to call for final inspection. We also will be replacing the kitchen countertops, master bath vanity, bedroom floor coverings and trim. Due to the hard work of a number of the Lord’s servants we are in good shape to meet the June 1 deadline.

Please help us help get Ms. Gretta and the four small children (ages 1, 2, 7 & 12) get into this home by June 1.  You may help in the following ways:

  1. Pray for Ms. Gretta, her family and the volunteers.
  2. We will be working next Tuesday – Thursday.



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