Last week we were asked to help the Fisher family.  Mr. Fisher is a National Guard veteran and currently works part-time.  Mrs. Fisher is a stay-at-home Mom with their two small boys.  Their home was in bad shape and with their limited income, they were unable to make the necessary repairs.

Purple Heart Homes stepped up and replaced their HVAC, electrical and plumbing.   They brought in Rebuild Upstate who replaced the roof.  We partnered with them to replace the old tub with a tub-shower unit, repair the hole in the bathroom floor, add an exhaust fan and replace the vanity.  We also repaired the kitchen floor and installed LVT floor coverings in both.  Many thanks to the volunteers from Zion UMC and First Presbyterian of Anderson for making this transition possible.

Through partnership and combined resources, they now have a safe, sanitary and secure home.





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