Operation Destanee

Amanda, a recent Clemson graduate and fifth grade teacher at Blue Ridge Elementary in Seneca, and her five children were flooded out of their home on August 6, 2013. Thanks to the Red Cross and local churches they have been staying at the local Day’s Inn.

Local disaster response agencies and churches have cleaned out the home, removed the affected sheetrock and applied mold abatement. Now it is time to rebuild. The Scotts had no flood insurance. They have lived in the home for eleven years with no prior water issues. To top it off she is having to replace the engine in her vehicle.

Five kids, two of which are year and a half old twin boys, no home and no vehicle! How would you like to tackle that while maintaining a full time teaching job?


September 15, 2013


We are pleased to report that 40 days after her home in Seneca, SC was flooded Amanda Scott and her five children are back home! Once again, it is truly amazing how God’s servants came together as the Body of Christ to restore the home to a condition better than before the storm. The contributors, too numerous to list here, included government organizations; corporations; churches and dozens of individuals through donations of time, money and prayers;.

Not only does the inside of the home have new drywall, paint, cabinets, flooring and trim; but the yard has been graded to route the flow of water away from the home in the future. The septic system was repaired with the rewiring of the control box and replacement of the waste pump. MSN Board member, Danny Thompson, did an incredible job of coordinating all these activities. Thank you, Danny.

Unfortunately, Amanda’s car has a blown engine! (When it rains …it pours!) Our final request is if you or anyone you know may be considering donating a vehicle or selling one cheaply please contact us. Through all the trials and tribulations of the past 40 days she has been able to do well with her new job as fifth grade teacher at Blue Ridge Elementary. Now she needs a way to get there and back.

October 16, 2013

New Van

Amanda and family have a “new” Toyota Sienna van thanks to Rob All and family. This is the last remaining piece of the August disaster for Amanda. There was approximately $1500 of repair work done including changing out the timing belt and fuel pump as well as repairing the automatic side door. The 2000 van with only 112,500 miles on it should serve the family well for years to come. Amanda gives God the credit in saying, “He has blessed our family mare than we could have imagined through this whole ordeal.” May God continue to bless you richly, Amanda and kids.



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