Meet Debra and Randy Holcombe. Randy is bedridden as a result of having polio as a child. They are “living” on their combined disability of $980/mo. The home has every imaginable problem. The biggest issue is that the roof leaks in every room causing the ceilings to collapse. Water has even gotten into the walls causing vermin infestation. This is made worse by some of the window panes falling out of every window (8). They have no central heat or air and the wiring is a mess. 

Phase I is replacing the roof. Phase II will be removing and replacing drywall from the ceilings and most walls. Also, we will be partnering with Anderson Interfaith Ministries (AIM) on the electrical, HVAC, windows, plumbing and water tap.


September 7 - 9, 2016

On September 7 – 9 we replaced the roof in 95 degree weather. It didn’t help that there were five layers of shingles! We also ran into substantial rot around the chimney, valleys and edges. The men of Zion UMC and First Pres., Anderson, persisted against all odds until the cavalry, Maxwell Roofing Co., showed up on Friday to help us finish the framing and to install the shingles. As Dale Wingate observed, “We witnessed a miracle.” that morning.

Roof Repair

April 7, 2017

All eight of their windows were damaged or had panes missing allowing wind and rain to blow in. Replacing the windows was the necessary next step in securing the home before working on the interior. Thanks to a great team of volunteers primarily from Zion UMC – Anderson all windows were replaced with Low E, double hung vinyl which required significant window sill replacement. This made a huge difference in the security, looks and comfort of the home. Debra’s comment was “They are so pretty. I just love my new windows!”

Window Replacement

July 11, 2017

Randy and Debra have a nice new bathroom! That prompted Debra to say, “We sure appreciate all y’all are doing for us. I hope the Lord rewards you for your hard work.” She also said “I’m not going to let just anyone use my bathroom now!” I’m not sure how that’s going to work out for her.
As a result of the grant Anderson Interfaith Ministries (AIM) received the home has been completely rewired. They are in a much safer situation now. Also included in the grant will be the addition of central heating and air and new septic system. We will cap things off after the HVAC is installed by replacing the ceilings. Needless to say, they are most thankful.

Bathroom Remodel

August 22, 2017

Before we replaced their roof last year it was leaking in every room to the point that the ceilings were falling in. I am happy to say that the wiring has been replaced and the HVAC is installed which has allowed us to replace the ceilings. Thanks to the men of Zion UMC who put in the dirty and sweaty work of replacing all ceilings in the home.
Over the weekend Michael Richards of First Pres. Anderson got the taping done. A couple more coats of mud, sanding, painting and molding installation and they will have bright white ceilings instead of the black (from kerosene heater soot) severely damaged ones. This prompted Randy to say “Man I don’t have to lay here all day and night wondering if the ceiling is going to fall and hit me in the head now. I can’t thank you all enough.”
The final step in restoring Debra and Randy’s home to safe, sanitary and secure condition is to provide them with safe water. They currently have a well that is contaminated causing the water to be muddy and have a foul odor. We plan to get them hooked up to city water which requires a tap fee of approximately $2000. If you would like to help make this happen for Debra and Randy please click on the Make a Donation button below.

Ceiling Repair

October 5, 2017

Debra and Randy are so excited to have good, clear water instead of muddy, intermittent well water.  Now they can drink fro their faucet and use her shower.  Stuff most of us take for granted.

Good, clean water



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