Operation Dallas

Dallas is eight years old. When she was four she fell into a swimming pool, drowned and was resuscitated. Unfortunately, due to lack of oxygen, the accident left her with severe brain damage. She requires 24 hour care which includes being fed through a tube attached to her stomach. Her mom was  unable to care for Dallas and her two younger brothers. Fortunately, her grandmother, Susan, fought hard to obtain custody of the three children.

Susan has been widowed for 20+ years. She currently receives no Social Security income or disability even though the strain of raising the two boys and caring for Dallas has caused her to have two heart attacks. She worked at Liberty Denim for 32 years until they went out of business several years ago. Her unemployment has run out. They are attempting to live on less than $1,000/mo. Their power was shut off in February for 13 hours due to lack of payment. The neighbors ran extension cords across the yard to provide power for Dallas’ feeding and monitoring equipment.

The two bedroom one bath home, built in 1921, is in bad shape. The old wooden frame windows have deteriorated to the point of falling out. Wiring is a definite issue, especially due to the critical care of Dallas. There is a need to replace plumbing, which will involve remodeling the kitchen and bath. There is also a need to install vinyl siding.

We will be endeavoring to get them out of crisis mode and into a sustainable income situation through partnering with various government and non-government agencies in the area as we begin the rehab work on the home. Our first work session will be to replace the windows the second week in June in order to help reduce their power bill.

This is one of the most dire situations we have seen! We welcome your prayers, time or monetary help in getting this family stabilized and into a safe sanitary and secure environment for Dallas


June 12, 2014

A God-filled Week

Last week was an amazing God-filled week for Operation Dallas. Susan visited United Christian Ministries in Easley. Teresa Nash, Executive Director, got her signed up with them which includes getting the Duke Power bill in her name (they paid the $150 deposit). They can now assist her with her future bills. They gave her the forms to fill out for SNAP (food stamps) and we walked out of there with a several day supply of food from their food bank.

Additionally, they are co-located with Samaritan’s Health Clinic. The lady who did the intake was extremely nice and kept emphasizing that they wanted to take care of her. We found out that she will be able to get her critical heart medication for free that she has been paying $20 weekly for.  $80/mo. is huge for her right now. She made an appointment to see the Dr. on Friday at 1:00. She now has a family Dr. and it won’t cost her a thing.  UCM and Samaritan’s will serve her well as her health and social advocates.

Thanks to a team from Zion UMC, Buncombe Street UMC, Etowah UMC and Ken Morris from Virginia all the new windows and new back door are in. This is the first time since moving there in 1987 that she is able to open the windows! When I told her about the back door she said “You mean  I won’t have to prop a chair against the door to lock it anymore? That is so wonderful.” Quite a week!! God is good.

August 24, 2014

New Wiring, Bathroom, Kitchen & Appliances

The remodel of Dallas’ home is complete! In two short weeks we were able to gut the bathroom & kitchen, rewire the entire home, replace the plumbing, move a bathroom wall to give them 40% more room and replace the walls, flooring, cabinets and trim. There were many other ancillary improvements as well. Obviously God and His willing servants were in the house!

During her walk-through Susan, Dallas’ grandmother, remarked that “I have never had anything fancy like this before” and “I feel like my mom is looking down at me and smiling.”

November 30, 2014

New Siding, Porch Posts & Rails - Happy Thanksgiving!

The residing of Susan and Dallas’ home is complete for which they are extremely thankful. We would especially like to thank Marvin Horton; Cornerstone UMC in Fort Mill, SC; Bethesda UMC in Powdersville, SC; Zion UMC in Anderson, SC and volunteers from five other churches for making this possible.

This was no routine siding job! We removed the existing wood lap siding and insulation; replaced rotten or damaged framing; installed new insulation,  OSB board and house wrap. Then we installed the siding, porch posts and rails! This was a very complex job that due to the response of many of God’s servants we were able to complete in seven days. Needless to say, the home is buttoned up for the winter to come. No more cold drafts or exorbitant electric bills.

Please continue to pray for Susan’s dad who is undergoing chemo treatments for lung cancer. Now that most of the physical work has been done on the home we will stay with this family to insure that they have the resources to sustain themselves and the home. God is good!



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