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Meet Ms. Bulah McCall (71). She lives at 15 Yellowstone Dr., Greenville, SC in a two bedroom one bath framed home with her son Vance (52) who is her primary caregiver. Vance’s wife passed away in 2012 and Mr. McCall passed shortly afterward.

Ms. Bulah has a number of health issues and is pretty much confined to the home. The only means of transportation is Vance’s Moped. As a result, they have not been receiving adequate medical care. Vance injured his back in an auto accident  in 2011 and has not been able to work since. He has not applied for disability as he hopes to get back into the workforce. They are attempting to live off of Ms. Bulah’s SSI income of $733 per month!

The problems with the home were numerous. The plumbing was basically nonfunctional. They  had no hot water in the bathroom. They had to heat water on the stove to take a sponge  bath. They had to fill the commode with water using a bucket in order  to flush, which was  difficult for Ms. Bulah to do. She could not use her kitchen sink due to drain issues. The kitchen  floor under the  sink and cabinets was falling in.

  • We have decided to give Ms. Bulah a big ole Christmas gift of a new kitchen and bathroom!
  • The project  began Wednesday 12/9 with demolition and was completed on 12/29.


December 21, 2015


The Lord blessed us with plenty of great helpers which made for an exciting two weeks.

We tore out the living room, kitchen and bathroom floors completely. This allowed us to replace the plumbing, upgrade wiring, replace the floor joists and sub floor, install a new tub and surround, hang and finish drywall in the kitchen & bath and paint the ceilings.

This week before Christmas we will finish painting, install the kitchen cabinets, vanity, floor coverings and trim! Ms. Bulah and Vance are staying at her daughter’s home in another city so they have not seen the progress. I can only imagine what their reaction will be when they see what the Lord has done for them through the Body of Christ.

To all of us who have worked on this project this is the true meaning of Christmas. Merry Christmas Everyone.

December 29, 2015


Thanks to lots of great volunteers and blessings from the Lord we were able to deliver Ms. Bulah and Vance their gift of a new living room, kitchen (including appliances) and bathroom in only thirteen working days! They moved back in this afternoon with a short dedication to the glory of the Lord.

As we walked through, Ms. Bulah’s tearful refrain of “I can’t believe this. Y’all did such a great job!” echoed in our ears. I am always humbled to be a part of God’s plan in changing lives in such a positive and dramatic way. It is especially fun at Christmas time. Thanks to all who made this miracle happen. Merry CHRISTmas, Ms. Bulah.



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