Ms. Adams’ living situation had become unsafe and unsanitary.  Her bath floor was severely rotted to the point that her toilet was in danger of falling through the floor.  Her tub was no longer working and she hadn’t been able to use it for a long time.  Her bedroom floor had plywood boards laid throughout to cover rotted areas.  This was extremely unsafe for her to navigate.

We completely renovated the bathroom with new sub-flooring and coverings, walk-in shower, toilet, vanity and  paint.  With help from Daniel Builders Inc., we were able to replace the rotten sub-floor in the bedroom and install new LVT flooring making her bedroom floor safe to walk on.  We are currently partnering with Greer Community Outreach to provide her with a new central air/heat system.  Thanks to Zion UMC and the Richardson twins for providing additional volunteer help.



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