Sammy (68) & Ruby (66) from Seneca, both have severe health problems.  Sammy had polio and uses a motorized scooter.  Ruby has heart disease, uses a walker, but can’t stand long so she is bedridden most of the time.

They live in a single wide mobile home.  The front porch is in terrible shape and needs to be rebuilt.  The kitchen is a wreck with not appliances and no cabinets.  It’s pretty much empty except for tons of stuff everywhere.  We will install new cabinets, countertops, stove, sink, and fridge.  The bathroom is functioning but is not set  up for their needs.  We will do a complete remodel with walk-in shower, new toilet, and ADA sink.  The laundry room is a disaster as well.  Their washer and dryer do not work.  There are numerous other repairs as well.

What is so special about this couple, though is even with all of their health issues and the condition that they live in, they have the best attitude and are as sweet and loving as they can be.

As you might imagine, this will take some time.  We have scheduled July 26 – 28 and August 2 – 4 as initial work days.  It very well may take  more time.  We will assess that as we go.  We need volunteer help!! If you are available to help us restore this home to safe, sanitary and secure conditions  please register for Week 1 or Week 2.  As always…any help will be greatly appreciated.

The initial budget for this project is $5,500.00.  If you are unable to volunteer, please consider donating to help change the lives of this sweet couple by clicking the DONATE button.


August 4, 2022

Ruby and Sammy have much better living conditions than just two weeks ago.  The additional funds were raised and the sweaty volunteers returned this week to complete the renovations of the kitchen, bathroom, laundry and front porch.  The changes are too numerous to list, but the pictures give you a taste of what was done.

The turkey that Sammy was looking forward to buying and cooking in his new oven was donated along with other food items by one of the new family members of Zion UMC.  So now he can roast away!!  You would think that they won the lottery….and they did…..God’s blessings lottery!  Sammy’s comment. “We thank the Lord first and Emmanuel’s Hammer, their volunteers and supporters second.”

We would like to thank Zion UMC of Anderson, SC for donating the refrigerator and providing long, hard volunteer hours to make this project happen.  The body of Christ indeed!!

July 29, 2022

We made great progress with Operation Hightower this week thanks to some very loyal and sweaty volunteers!  The kitchen and bathroom repairs and remodels are 90% complete.  In addition, we painted the roof with an elastomeric coating which will protect from leaks as well as keep the home cooler and installed a window AC unit, stove and lower cabinets in the kitchen.

The entire time we were there, Sammy was on his scooter and Ruby was in bed in the living room.  They are such a sweet couple with no family to help, very low income and no reliable means of transportation.  They are so thankful for our help.  When we installed the stove, Sammy said the first thing that he is going to do when he gets his check is buy the “biggest turkey that he can find to cook in his new stove”.

Next week we will finish the bathroom and kitchen as well are repair the laundry area, donate a refrigerator, washer and dryer and demolish and rebuild the front porch/deck. Your prayers for the volunteers working in this heat are greatly appreciated.  Having said that, if you would like to come and help and lose some weight in the process, please click the VOLUNTEER button to register.

So far we have received $3,500 of our initial budget of $5,500.  Please help us reach our budget by donating now if you are so led.  Thank you!



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