Meet Ms. Zenora Galloway (left).  She lives at 106 Dogwood Rd. in Townville, or at least she did until the remnants of Hurricane Maria sent a tree crashing through her roof and into her home.  She was there at the time with two of her grandchildren.

Fortunately, no one was hurt.  However, her home sustained major structural damage and all of her furniture was ruined by rain and the insulation falling on it.  Ms. Galloway is 68 years old, has diabetes and a pacemaker.  She has no homeowner’s insurance.

Emergency response teams from the SC Conference of the Methodist Church removed the tree from her roof and installed tarps to help prevent further damage.  Family and friends have cleaned the home out and removed the remainder of the tree and debris.

Ms. Galloway is highly motivated to get back into her home. She is currently staying with relatives  and cannot afford to get her home repaired.

We have scheduled June 26. 27 & 28 for Phase 1 where we will be repairing the roof.  Some repair of the roof has been done previously, but most of it needs to be redone.  We need 8 – 10 volunteers each day.  Please click the VOLUNTEER button to sign up for any or all days.  Your help will be very much appreciated!




August 20, 2018

After eight weeks of tough, sweaty work, Ms. Zenora is able to move back into her home.  We would like to thank Buncombe Street UMC for providing a majority of the funding and Zion UMC for providing most of the volunteer help.  We would also like to thank Chris Keel with Upstate Commercial Flooring for providing the material and labor for the floor coverings throughout the home.  In addition, we were able to furnish the home with furniture and appliances due to many generous donors.

It is amazing what the Lord’s servants can accomplish as the Body of Christ.  The family had tried their best to recover from the tree smashing the home, but had given up when the roof continued to leak after having it repaired.  They knew that they could not do it on their own, so they started praying.  Now they have tangible confirmation that prayer works!  We will be planning a home dedication soon!


non profit renovation in upstate sc
July 22, 2018

We have made great progress on Ms. Zenora’s home since June 26th.  Our intrepid volunteers have braved the heat and humidity to replace the roof, tear out the interior, replace the sub-flooring in two bedrooms, replace and refinish the ceilings and bathroom drywall, and paint the interior.

Due to the nature of the disaster with a tree crashing through her home, Ms. Zenora has lost everything.  She is in need of beds, mattresses, bedding, a couch, chairs, refrigerator, window air conditioners, etc.  If you, or anyone that you know has any of these items to donate, please let us know.

Now it is time for floor coverings, cabinets, doors, windows, trim, appliances, etc.  If you would like to contribute financially to help continue this good work,  please click the DONATE button.  It would be greatly appreciated.


July 5, 2018

Ms. Zenora Galloway has a new roof!!  Many thanks to the men of Zion UMC for help with stripping the roof and extensive prepping for the new shingles.  We are especially grateful to Lee Maxwell Roofing for donating the new shingles and the labor to install them.  Lee is a member of Buncombe Street UMC, the provider for most of the funding for this project.

Additionally, the entire interior was “mucked out” in preparation for Phase II, which will consist of renovating the inside of the home to a safe, sanitary, and secure condition so Ms. Zenora can move back into her home ASAP.

We have scheduled July 10-13 for Phase II.  We need 8-10 volunteers for each day.  Please click the VOLUNTEER button to sign up for any or all days.   Your help will be very much appreciated!!




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