Please meet Wesley.  Thanks to a number of generous donors as well as friends and family who volunteered, the space that was once a living room is now Wesley’s own bedroom and ADA compliant bathroom.

Prior to this conversion, his parents, Kevin & Dacia had to carry him on their backs, dragging him through their narrow bathroom door and lift him into the tub.  Now he has free rein to get into his wheelchair from his bed, roll himself into the bathroom and brush his teeth, etc.

“You will never know what a blessing it is to Wesley and our family.  Before, we brushed Wesley’s teeth on the toilet after bathing, so he rarely got to see himself in a mirror.  I think he is most excited about being able to see himself and his sweet smile.  He is also in love with his new Batman sheets (donated) and a lower bed (donated) that he is able to get on and off of all by himself.  This project should be named “Wesley’s Smiles” because that’s all he has done in his new bathroom and bedroom.  God bless each and everyone of you.”     – Kevin & Dacia

According to Michael Richards, Project Manager, “The Lord had His hand on this project from the beginning by providing the funding and great volunteer help.  This was one of our smoothest projects ever!”

God is good!



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