Imagine that you are ten years old and you have lost your two siblings in a house fire.  Also, imagine that your Dad is in prison and that you came home from school one day to find your Mom dead and had to call 911.  Now imagine that you have been sent to live with your Paternal Grandmother by DSS.  However, for you to stay there DSS is requiring immediate repairs to the home.  That is the scenario we were presented with when called by the local Fire Department Chaplin.  We immediately organized a work day and 32 of our Brother’s in Christ from five churches  joined us to accomplish the following in one day:  demolish the back deck that had fallen down and replaced it with a stoop and steps, demolish the front stoop and replaced it with a 12′ x 12′ deck, replace a broken bedroom window and repaired several electrical issues.  The home now has two points of entrance and exit and a safe electrical system which DSS required.

We pray that Connor will be able to thrive in his new home.



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