Imagine for a moment that  you are a 73 year old double amputee Veteran living in a two bedroom, one bath home with your caregiver-wife and granddaughter.  You have a low fixed-income that is consumed each month by medical bills and utilities.

You were managing to survive each month until your kitchen floor collapsed in June causing the cabinets and appliances to pull away from the wall, breaking plumbing and electrical connections.  The water had to be turned off and the front room was the only one with power.   Since then no one has been able to cook, wash clothes or take a shower.  You have had to collect rain water in buckets to flush the toilet.

This was the case for the Sloans.  Fortunately, their health care provider called us on October 24th.  Recognizing the emergency nature of the situation, we moved them to the top of our list and responded last week.  In three days we demolished the kitchen floor, replaced the floor joists and subfloor, installed LVT flooring, replaced the base cabinets and counter tops.  We also discovered that their refrigerator, dryer and stove did not work….so thanks to our amazing donors, we have replaced those as well.

Mr. Sloan can now navigate the kitchen safely in his wheel chair.  As we were finishing up, Mrs. Sloan said, ” I can’t wait to take a shower, cook, wash clothes and be able to flush the toilet!  You folks are truly angels from Heaven.”



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