Mr. Watkins is 74 years old and suffers from COPD, diabetes, neuropathy and arthritis and requires the use of a cane or walker.

The living room and kitchen floors were collapsing which made it very dangerous for him to move around his home.

This was a huge job!  Thanks to many great volunteers we were able to complete this project in two days.  We replaced all of the floor joists in both rooms and installed all new subfloors.  We put down new snap-down flooring provided by the client.  We also installed new shoe molding and thresholds.

Mr. Watkins was in tears as he thanked everyone for “helping me complete the repairs that I never could have done myself.  You are truly a God-send.”

Due to your support and the Lord’s leading, we are able to help these families who need it so badly.  Thank you!



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