Operation Robinson

Meet Mr. Robinson.  His home is in pretty bad shape.  All of the rooms have crumbling, buckling floors, floor coverings are non-existent or rotting, doors off hinges, windows broken and need to be replaced, all plumbing needs to be replaced, non-functional toilet, bath needs to be totally gutted and everything replaced as well in entire kitchen and little or no overhead lighting.  His only heat source is an electric heater in one room. We will be partnering with Simpsonville United Methodist Church on this deserving project.


November 6, 2018

Thanks to the fantastic help of the men of Simpsonville United Methodist Church, we were able to completely gut and replace the bathroom floor and fixtures, rebuild the master bedroom floor and tear out and remodel the kitchen in two weeks time for less than $4,000.00. Only the good Lord and His willing servants can make that happen!!

Many thanks to Bill Keener, Howard Bare and their band of brothers who made Mr. James Robinson’s home livable again.  It is hard to put a value on the improvement of someone’s quality of life by giving them a commode that flushes, a tub and shower that work, a sewer line that doesn’t leak under the house, a bedroom floor that you can actually walk on without falling through, lights that turn on when you flip the switch, and a clean and sanitary kitchen with new everything!  Mr. Robinson is so appreciative of all that was done for him.





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