Ms. Williamson, an Army Veteran who served in Afghanistan, lives alone in her two-bedroom, two-bath brick home in Anderson, SC.  She has lung problems and walks to work with the assistance of a cane.  It is hard to describe her current living conditions.

The home, inherited from her Mom, has numerous health and safety issues.  One of the major problems was the roof that had been leaking for years.  It has been replaced with the help of a partnership with Anderson Interfaith Ministries (AIM).  Now we are set to work on the interior.  The main bathroom floor has collapsed severing the plumbing.  As a result, the only working sink is in the second bathroom.  We will demolish the main bathroom and remodel replacing the tub with a walk-in shower.

The kitchen is unusable and needs to be demolished and remodeled.  We hope to be partnering with Purple Heart Homes (PHH) for the funding.

There are problems with the electrical that will be addressed as we continue our discovery during the demo.  There are numerous ceiling repairs required as well and finally, the HVAC does not work and needs to be replaced.

Obviously, to accomplish the above, we need help.  Thanks to the partnerships with AIM and PHH, our budget is only $12,000 to make the additional repairs.  If you are so led, please help us restore this Vereran’s home to the safe, sanitary and secure condition she deserves by clicking the “MAKE A DONATION” button.  We plan to start work on the week of 05/29/23 with the full faith and knowledge that God will provide.



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