Operation Rick

Rick had to go outside to access his washer and dryer, which was located in a room at the back of his open carport.  After rebuilding the floor and rerouting the plumbing we moved his washer and dryer into a bedroom so he no longer has to go outside to access his laundry.  He had to roll his wheelchair into the shower because the shower seat broke off and left him laying in the floor without help for over 24 hours. We solved this problem by fabricating a beam with a bar on a chain that allows him to lift himself out of his chair and into the new shower seat.We relocated the existing lavatory to allow him room to maneuver his wheel chair by the shower.  Also, we modified his current exterior ramp and placed tapered wood at thresholds that allow easier access into and out of the house.  We moved him into a larger bedroom. All the windows in the home were replaced to make them much more energy efficient.  We built a lower kitchen counter where he can sit in his wheelchair and more easily access his microwave and toaster, since he does not have a stove.  Finally, we opened the cabinet under the kitchen sink to allow him to roll under for better access to wash his dishes.

Rick’s comment after seeing all the changes was, “If I had legs I would dance!” we’re dancing with you, Rick.




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