This family consists of Mom, Dad, and four children, two of which are special needs, living in dire circumstances in Pendleton, SC.   Their septic system was completely inoperable.  The roof leaked in the two main rooms.  The children sleep two per room on worn out mattresses on the floor.  Two bedroom windows were broken out.  Every room has holes in the floor.  The kitchen cabinets are falling apart.  The HVAC system has been inoperable for a number of years.  Obviously, this will be a long term project involving virtually every aspect of the home which means we will be attacking it in phases.

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May 9, 2019

The repairs made to this home are literally too numerous to list. Let’s just say that we repaired/replaced the roof, septic tank and everything in between.  The only items left are the completion of the roach extermination and installation of the HVAC system which will be accomplished by the end of the month.

Once again, it is truly amazing what the Lord’s servants can accomplish as the Body of Christ.  Thanks to all who had a part in bringing the home of this family of six back to safe, sanitary, and secure conditions.

They say that pictures speak a 1000 words so here are some before, during and after pictures of one of the two bathrooms totally remodeled, new cabinets, sink, counter tops, dishwasher, flooring, etc., in the kitchen and dining room area, and one of 4 bedrooms  stripped, floors and walls repaired, and new beds and bedding that were donated.

April 8, 2019

To date, we have had the septic tank pumped out, lid replaced, drain fields repaired, and the drain lines cleared.  The front porch and steps were unsafe, so with the help of Zion UMC of Anderson, we repaired and rebuilt the porch, railing and steps.  We replaced the roof with the help of Zion UMC and Lee Maxwell Roofing.

Now it’s time to move inside the home.  For the next three weeks, starting on 4/09/19, we will be replacing the floors.

To date we have spent $5,000.00.  We anticipate spending an additional $5,000.00 to return the home to safe, sanitary and secure conditions.  That is assuming we secure a grant with the help of Anderson Interfaith Ministries for the HVAC system.

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