Operation Otis


April 5, 2017

Meet Rev. Otis & Debra Burns. They live in Belton, SC. Mr. Burns is a retired Pastor (42 yrs). He was forced to retire due to health reasons. He is awaiting knee surgery. Debra is legally blind but can see enough to function. She describes herself as being Otis’ legs. They own their home are living on fixed income. They have two sons who are Pastors and a daughter. When we first got involved, the home needed a roof, complete bathroom tear out, kitchen cabinets, windows replaced, HVAC and electrical upgrade.

Our initial project was to coordinate the roof replacement. Upon inspection, it was determined that there was significant hail damage. Fortunately, the Burns had homeowners insurance. Lee Maxwell Roofing replaced the rotten wood, upgraded the shingles from three tab to architectural and donated the $1500 deductible. The first rain after replacement Mrs. Burns ran around placing pots in all the usual places to catch the water. Of course, they were all dry. She doesn’t do that anymore!

With the roof fixed the next project was to demolish and replace the bathroom. Due to years of plumbing leaks the floor was literally caving in. They were unable to use the bath tub and they had to pour water in the commode to flush it. Concord Baptist Church in Anderson came to the rescue. They demolished the room down to the studs and even removed the floor joists before reconstructing it all. Time was of the essence as the Burns were staying with relatives during construction.  They now have a 36” x 60” walk in shower (no more sponge baths!), a toilet that flushes and new vanity. Do yourself a favor and Click Here to see a video of their response. Priceless…

Within the next two weeks we will upgrade the electrical and by the end of the month we will remodel the kitchen. There is no doubt that the Lord is working in this project.

May 11, 2017

As stated in the last update, a new kitchen was the next project for the Burns. Thanks to the help of God’s servants from Zion UMC, Concord Baptist, Westminster Pres., and First Pres. – Anderson the job is complete.

They now have a fully functional kitchen with plenty of cabinet, pantry and counter top space. This also included upgrading the wiring so they can now use the microwave and coffee maker at the same time!

Do yourself a favor and Click Here to see the amazing reveal. Needless to say, they are ecstatic.

The next project will be to replace the windows. We are also awaiting a bid to install central air & heat.



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