Operation Lillie

Buncombe Street UMC and Missionary Supply Network are, once again, teamed up with Greenville’s Central Community Ministries, www.ccmsc.org, to remodel the home of 72 year old Mrs. Lillie Case. The approximately 800 sq. ft. two bedroom home is at 202 Oak St. in the Brandon Mills community in West Greenville. Mrs. Case is a widow and lives alone in the home. She has diabetes and her only source of income is her monthly Social Security check.

Unfortunately, little maintenance had been done to the home since before her husband’s death over ten years ago. The house was filthy and a health hazard. Roaches were everywhere. Her fridge and stove were not working and hadn’t for some time. The bathroom was in just as bad shape. Due to the lack of funding she had no way to address these serious issues.

Without help her health would continue to deteriorate. She had no one to turn to. Thanks to dozens of God’s servants we have returned Mrs. Case’s home to a safe and healthy condition.


November 18, 2010

Off To a Great Start

At the end of four and a half work days:

  1. The trees are down and exterior painted. Thank you Glen Boulton and team.
  2. The kitchen and bathroom have been gutted.
  3. The kitchen floor joists have been repaired and floor leveled.
  4. We have filled a 30 cubic yard dumpster to overflowing with her belongings and materials removed from the home.
  5. We’ve eliminated 99.5% of the roaches!

Now that the HVAC is secured we have the additional high dollar replacement items such as kitchen cabinets, flooring, walk in shower, commode, vanity and windows to take care of. Additionally, every square inch of the interior needs to be cleaned, scraped and painted.

During this time of Thanksgiving we are so thankful for all of you who have given of your time, talents, money and prayers. However, this is just the beginning. We need to make a major push to get all this accomplished before Christmas. With God’s grace and your help I know we can do it.

December 6, 2010

We're Hitting Our Stride

God continues to bless our efforts for Mrs. Lillie. We had a great turn out for Friday but not so much for Saturday…something about church basketball starting up and a USC football game that day! However, thanks to the progress made we have turned the corner and are ready to put the full court press on getting her back in by Christmas. Here is the latest progress:

  1. Great progress was made on plumbing and HVAC, will be finished this week
  2. “Popcorn” texturing has been removed from all ceilings-nasty work, super job guys
  3. The kitchen ceiling has been repaired
  4. More of the bathroom was torn out, floor repaired and shower pan set
  5. Approximately half of the walls scraped and cleaned
  6. Exterior painting, except for trim, was completed
  7. Replacement windows and kitchen cabinets have been ordered

Financially we are 70% of the way with $14,000 of the $20,000 budgeted. We serve a powerful and sovereign God. With His and your help I know we can get it done. Many thanks to those who have given so freely to get us to this point.

December 13, 2010

Just In Time God!

The wiring for the HVAC system was done Thursday which allowed David Goode with G & G Heating and Air to come Friday morning to do the final hook up. That was huge in that it allowed us to begin priming the walls and ceilings on Friday, begin finishing the remaining sheetrock and continue priming on Saturday. That is not to mention being just in time for the current Arctic blast we are under. Other accomplishments for the week were:

  1. Finishing rough-in plumbing in kitchen and bathroom
  2. Closing in floor and wall in kitchen
  3. Closing floor and wall and installing shower surround in bathroom
  4. Hanging sheetrock in the bathroom and on the guest bedroom ceiling
  5. Tearing off the gutter, awning and replacing rotten wood with treated on front porch
  6. Repairing damaged hardwood floor
  7. Making numerous patches to the walls and ceilings
  8. Priming all non-sheetrock walls and ceilings

Team members from the following churches made this week’s accomplishments possible: McCormick UMC, McCormick, SC; Zion UMC, Anderson, SC; Trinity UMC, Anderson, SC; Westminster UMC, Westminster, SC; Aldersgate UMC, Greenville, SC; Westminster Presbyterian, Greenville, SC; Rock Springs Baptist, Easley, SC and Buncombe Street UMC, Greenville, SC. I would also like to send a shout out to Mrs. Judy Suggs and Mrs. Anita Burton who prepared and delivered awesome meals on Friday and Saturday. We are all one body in Christ Jesus, Amen!

December 20, 2010

Taking Shape!

Wow, what a week! The inside is really starting to take shape. We made several huge steps this week including finishing the kitchen, bathroom and dining room floors; assembling and installing the kitchen cabinets; replacing the windows and, of course, painting, painting , painting!. The accomplishments are best described with pictures.

We have decided to refinish the hardwood floors so we will not be able to move Mrs. Lillie in until after Christmas. To do that WE STILL NEED HELP! Our last two work sessions are Next Wednesday and Thursday, the 29th and 30th. The home dedication is scheduled for January 8th.

This is an awesome project for the Christmas holidays. Just ask this Junior Girls basketball team from Buncombe Street UMC. They provided her with all she needs to have a well equipped kitchen. Thank you, ladies.

January 6, 2011

It is Done!

With a lot of work from a lot of folks over the holidays we have been able to complete the home for Mrs. Lillie. I would like to offer a special thank you to three of God’s warriors, Mike Cornish, Glen Boulton and Dick Sargent who were there every day, start to finish. This project would have not gotten done without their constant help. Also, I would like to give a shout out to three of God’s Angels, Judy Suggs, Anita Burton and Bobbie Pritchard. They fed a bunch of hungry guys on several occasions and have made the inside of the home look like a doll house with their decorating skills. Thank you and God bless these as well as all of God’s servants who answered the call to help one of his children in need.

I know we must be finished because we have run out of things to paint!!! It is amazing how much paint an 800 square foot house can suck up! Following are a few before and after shots. The best way to appreciate what God has done is to come see it for yourself. The Home Dedication is set for this Saturday, January 8that 5:00 PM. It will be a blessed event.


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