Thanks to the generous response for funding and volunteers, the repairs for two sisters, Maria (73) and Dorothy (74) both suffering from lung cancer, have been completed.

The bathroom door was widened to make it wheelchair accessible, the existing tub was replaced with a walk-in shower and grab bars, a high-rise toilet was installed with grab bars and the floor was replaced.  A huge hole in the living room floor was repaired as well as the floor in front of their sliding glass door that was rotted out.  Finally, Luxury Vinyl Tile was installed in the living room and bathroom.

They are extremely grateful for all of the help and so thankful that they will no longer have $800 power bills.  Dorothy’s nurse was thrilled as well, stating..”This is perfect, we have been giving her sponge baths in the kitchen sink.  Now we can get her in the bathroom and give her a proper shower.”  Praise be to God!!


September 19/ 2019



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