Operation Haley

Gerald and Vickie Atkinson are disabled and have a pregnant 14 year old daughter,  Haley. Gerald has issues with his knees and hip and has learning disabilities that keep him from being able to read or deal with numbers. Vickie has COPD, is diabetic, has congestive heart failure and neuropathy. She is on oxygen.

The home and property are in a significant state of disrepair. The most concerning is electrical wiring. The breaker box is above the kitchen counter and has no cover. Also, none of the switches or receptacles have covers. There are small grandchildren running around so this poses a significant risk of shock or electrocution. The saving grace is that most of the receptacles don’t work. They heat with space heaters and have no insulation. Consequently, their electric bills have been $500 – $600/mo. These are operated off extension cords from the few outlets that work, a major fire danger. They have no smoke detectors.

We plan to rewire the house, install a heat pump for central heat and air, replace the kitchen cabinets and counter tops, replace the windows, insulate the attic, repair or replace the roof, etc. Our first work dates are May 13 & 14. Click Here to volunteer.


May 15, 2015

Let The Demo Begin

Operation Haley was kicked off with a bang last week thanks to the staff of Buncombe Street UMC. Tuesday morning was filled with several “God Moments” not the least of which was the arrival of the Easley Public Works truck that “just happened” to pass by and pick up all the demolition debris. God works in many strange and wonderful ways!

During the remainder of the week we continued the tear out, rerouted & replaced plumbing and made significant progress with the rewiring. This week we hope to finish the wiring, replace the sub-floor and hang the drywall.

May 27, 2015

Time Of Transition

Last week we were able to accomplish all of our objectives. Due to the hard work of our volunteers the rewiring, plumbing, kitchen sub floor, new kitchen window and drywall hanging have been completed. The drywall is being finished this week and we will begin assembling the kitchen cabinets on Friday. Next week we install the cabinets and counter tops, crown molding in the kitchen, paint the kitchen & laundry room and install new kitchen and bath flooring. With enough help we may even replace the windows!



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