Meet Rex and Gail.  Gail is blind and Rex is her primary caregiver.  Rex has lots of health problems of his own including a pacemaker, liver disease, and has difficulty walking due to deteriorating knees.  Their health issues made it very difficult to get in and out of their old cast iron bathtub.  Rex purchased a shower pan and surround in November but due to his health and lack of funding, he was not able to get it installed.

When we heard of their situation, we decided to help them out.  Last week we tore out the existing tub and surround, then installed the new walk-in shower, surround, plumbing, fixtures, and grab bars.  We determined that the surround that he had purchased was not sufficient for their needs , so we purchased new ones that should serve them well.

The end result prompted Rex to say……”This turned out better than I ever expected.”  Gail stated, as she wiped away tears….”I can’t thank God enough for sending you to help us.  This is just unbelievable!  I can’t wait to go see it with my hands.”


June 10, 2019



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