Operation Andrew

The Lord brought Andrew to us in an unconventional way, appropriately enough. Andrew is an unconventional guy. Unfortunately, he broke his back in an accident some years ago and currently suffers from degenerative disk disease which pretty much keeps him bed-ridden. Mornings are usually good for him afternoons and night are not. Andrew has a Pastoral Counseling degree and spent 20 years in the ministry. He has no family locally and is unable to attend church. Meals on Wheels provids him with meals during the week. Obviously, the Lord decided to answer his prayers for someone to come make repairs to his home. I say this because in February all three of our projects were brought to a halt. One waiting on grant money, one waiting on an inspection and one waiting on a permit. That’s when Susan Murray with Volunteers of America called and very convincingly said she had a client that needed some help. That client was Andrew.

After meeting with Andrew for an hour and a half (you can’t have a short conversation with Andrew) I knew we needed to help him.


February 10 - 15, 2008

Trinity UMC

The next day Danny Thompson brought his team from Trinity UMC in Anderson, SC to town. They were scheduled to work on Op. Haleigh but the Lord had other plans. The team spent four days working on replacing the faux chimney, rebuilding the carport roof, replacing the back door and siding for that section and general clean up of the yard and carport area. So you don’t think that was a small job, we filled up a 40 cubic yard dumpster! Also, we were able to survive a microburst spawned from a line of severe thunderstorms that unfortunately burned down one of Andrew’s neighbor’s home. Fortunately, James and Al had scrambled down from the roof with minutes to spare. With awesome teamwork all but one of the external projects were finished…

February 18 - 19, 2008

Platt Springs UMC

The following week Bob Sargent brought his team down from Platt Springs UMC in W. Columbia, SC and spent two days moving boxes; repairing sections of floor; moving boxes; installing new lineoleum in the kitchen, hall, bathroom, spare bedroom and back room; cleaning; painting and did I mention moving boxes?

March 19, 2008

Mission Completed

Through the combined efforts of Camp Katrina-Christian & Missionary Alliance, Christian Life Center Church, Diamondhead UMC and Missionary Supply Network the last piece of linoleum was laid in Andrew’s back room on March 18. On March 19 the Camp Katrina team came back out and moved the boxes and furniture from the carport to the back room. Camp Katrina has even gone the extra step of hiring Stanley Steamer to come out and clean the carpet and upholstery in the living room! Now, that is going above and beyond the call of duty! Thanks to all who worked on this special project.


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